Maintenance - Australian Rail Signaling and Electrical

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We provide signal maintenance services on our clients terms. Our approach focuses on what is absolutely essential. We are able to illustrate how matching the clients operations style and resources with our specific services will tame the clients signal maintenance costs.

Prevention is the key to controlling and reducing signal maintenance costs. We will identify specific means and methods that will work on the clients infrastructure to reduce costs. Implementing these strategies will give signals and functions that work better with fewer failures.

Training is an essential element of our maintenance services. Our approach delivers immediate improvement where it is needed most. We can train our clients employees how to maintain, troubleshoot and test equipment under real field conditions, whilst finding and fixing any problems discovered in the process.

To ensure the integrity of a signalling system, relay operation and the insulation resistance of signal cables must be tested periodically. Our engineers have the specialist skills and equipment necessary to perform these tests.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Periodic testing of signalling system infrastructure assets.
  • Planned maintenance activities.
  • Electrical and facilities maintenance management.
  • HV & LV switchgear maintenance.
  • Shutdown management services.
  • Communications cabling installation and maintenance.
  • Generator testing and maintenance.
  • Compliance certification for essential building services.
  • Fire detection and suppression systems.
  • Test and Tag services.