In-House Installation & Construction - Australian Rail Signaling and Electrical

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In-House Installation & Construction

Our workshop facilities provides a single centralised distribution centre "CDC" which is partially utilised for the management of inventory and the distribution of material and the holding of inventory.

We have the ability to facilitate the management, procurement and storage of materials at our Clarkson Office and Workshop as required.

Our "CDC" is able to provide the following:

  • Procurement and receipt of bulk material for construction of signalling, communication and electrical equipment.
  • Storage of material for construction and installation including storage of 'standard' products (based on our standard solutions),'bespoke' products (which include specific project or client requirements).
  • Packaging of construction equipment ready for delivery and despatch to site.

The key activities and production capabilities of our workshop include the construction of a range of equipment housings, enclosures, racks, kiosks and cubicles which are constructed in a controlled environment allowing quality and control to be monitored through to the clients witnessing of Factory Acceptance Testing.

We are able to build, construct, pre-wire, test and store signalling and communication line-side location cases and signalling equipment rooms, including the sub assemblies, sun shades, signal heads, level crossing booms, refurbish signalling equipment, FAT and acceptance conformity.