Safety - Australian Rail Signaling and Electrical

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We consider safety our first priority, with Zero incidents to date we encourage our teams to work with the utmost diligence and respect for themselves and others at all times.

We are committed to complying with all of the OHS legislation, environmental requirements, standards, policies and procedures that are set down by the appropriate authorities and our clients.

We recognise that railway safety is not flexible and our aim is continual improvement to our safety related processes. Our strategy targets zero workforce and industry related accidents. This can only be achieved through proactive management processes with a view to eliminating or mitigating risks to health and safety. In providing services to our clients, we will prioritise safety whilst adding value to projects.

We will ensure that we implement and communicate our policies and procedures, outlining a clear set of guidelines and instructions relating to process, quality, safety, health and environment.

We shall continue to assess our employees work environments and implementation of control measures to address those factors impacting on the safe and productive performance of personnel.

We will ensure that all personnel whose duties influence the safe execution of the work in accordance with time, conformance or cost requirements are selected based on pre-requisite qualifications and competencies.