Preventive Action - Australian Rail Signaling and Electrical

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Preventive Action

The preventive action process is directed at facilitating the identification, analysis and resolution of improvement opportunities, and the causes of potential deficiencies, identified in the management and production processes employed by us.

Action shall be undertaken to facilitate the identification, investigation and implementation of such opportunities for improvement, which may include:

  • Improvement suggestions raised either in the normal course of business or during monitoring and measuring activities.
  • Improvement opportunities identified during management and/or contract reviews.
  • Improvement opportunities identified through internal and/or external audits.
  • Improvement opportunities identified during the review of customer perception survey data.
  • Improvement Requests are to be raised as a means of administering the identification, actioning and closeout of preventive actions in accordance with procedure "PRO-08 - Corrective and Preventative Action".

Copies of all NCRs(RG-03) & IRs (RG-05) are forwarded for consideration during management reviews.