Quality Project Specific - Australian Rail Signaling and Electrical

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Quality Project Specific

The Australian Railway Signalling and Electrical Quality Management System is defined by the following documents;

  • Quality Management Plan
  • Referenced Procedures.
  • Business Specific Instructions.
  • Standard and Business Specific Forms

The practices, procedures and resources employed to conform to individual Projects requirements shall be ensured by:

  • Identification and acquisition of any controls, processes, equipment, resources and skills that may be needed to achieve conformance.
  • Ensuring compatibility of design, production process, installation, servicing inspection and test procedures, including the applicable documentation.
  • Updating, as necessary, control and inspection techniques.
  • Identification of verification requirements at appropriate stages of the Project.
  • The clarification of standards of acceptability for all features and requirements, including those which contain a subjective element.
  • The identification and preparation of records.