Resource Management and Training - Australian Rail Signaling and Electrical

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Resource Management and Training

To ensure we have the correct growth rate to expand our knowledge and expertise, we will undertake a training regime to ensure consistency in the services we provide. As a minimum, it is our intention to identify and implement training requirements to ensure the required levels of safety, quality and personnel expertise are developed and maintained. Our immediate training will be carried out in the following areas:

  • Safety System and/or Hazard Awareness Training.
  • Company/Site Induction Training.
  • Quality System and/or Procedure Training.
  • Training to special or task/system specific skills (as required by the client).
  • We ensure that all personnel are trained and competent in the existing system technology and new identified technology so as not to restrict our effectiveness.

We will continue to develop and to implement our policies to enhance the working environment, therefore improving the motivation, job satisfaction and performance of site personnel. Thus retaining existing and newly recruited personnel. These policies include:

  • Implementation of clear reporting lines.
  • Identification and full utilization of personnel skills.
  • Availability of career path development.
  • Carefully planning for coexistence between existing competent staff and new staff.
  • Implementation of clear guidelines and instructions relating to process, quality, safety, health and environment.
  • Assessment of work environments and implementation of control measures to address those factors affecting the safe and productive performance of personnel. [Safe Work Method Statements]
  • Development of harmonious and supportive work teams free from discrimination and / or harassment.
  • Identification and acquisition of any new standards and procedures to ensure that the best practises are applied.
  • Ensure that controls, processes, equipment, resources and skills, have been identified to achieve conformance.
  • Ensuring compatibility of training, production processes for construction, installation, servicing inspection and test procedures are supported by the applicable documentation and ongoing refresher workshops.
  • The identification and preparation of service & maintenance records.