Test & Commissioning Resource - Australian Rail Signaling and Electrical

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Test & Commissioning Resource

The team is comprised of 2 x TIC's (MOD 1), 1 x Principle Tester(MOD 2) , 4 x Functional & verification Testers (MOD 3BL & 3C) and 2 x Test Assistant's (MOD 5)

  • Mod 1 – Tester in Charge: The management of signal works testing activities: • Testing Strategies • Test and Commissioning Plans • Configuration Control • Defining and Recording the Tests • Running a testing Sub-project • Entry-into-Service.
  • Mod 2 – Principles Tester: The principles testing of Signalling interlocking's: • Identify the role and extent of Principles Testing • Identify the role and responsibilities of the Principles Tester • Practically apply testing techniques to determine interlocking function.
  • Mod 3BL – Functional Tester: • Identify suitable methods for testing different circuitry • Perform check Marking of diagrams • Perform Location functional testing • Make Alterations and associated testing • Perform Integration testing • Record and Document test activities
  • Mod 3C – Verification Tester: • Perform Location verification tests • Undertake Correlation and modifications • Perform Cable testing • Perform Panel inspection, wire count and continuity tests • Use test equipment correctly • Record and Document test activities.
  • Mod 5 – Test Assistant: • Aspect reporting • Test Desk operation • Track circuit assistance • Point Operation and Detection assistance • Relays, Lever Locks and Circuit Controller identification and observation • Wire Counting • Continuity Testing • Strap and Function Testing • Cable and Through Testing • Control Panel reporting • Power Supply safety.

We have undertaken a skills GAP analysis assessment of our current resources in this area and identified additional resources we can engage to compliment our existing test & commissioning team. This gives us the capability to undertake multiple T&C tasks at major commissioning's.